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Merc with a mouth who, when necessary, rides a scooter.

Not just ANY scooter, oh no.

Introducing the one and only Vespool!
OFFICIALLY part of the Taco Coma series... see it? ;)

0-60 in 12 tacos! (wait, wut?)

4.02"W x 5.55"T patch, hook back/loop cover, comes with hand numbered custom art card

100 made, 90 available for sale.

LIMITS: none

Due to recent changes in USPS 1st Class International shipping rules, all orders outside the U.S. will be gladly taken but shipped via Global Mail which is kamikaze. I'm sad to say there will be no tracking but it's the only other option and instead of denying ALL international customers the ability to purchase from me, this is the new policy effective immediately. Shipping will remain a flat fee to cover postage/materials.

Originally dropped February 2nd, 2019

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