Taco Coma Vehicle Badge

Taco Coma Vehicle Badge

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"Badges? We don't need no stinkin... BADGES!?!"

Not a patch! An actual, automotive grade high durability nickel plated plastic vehicle emblem/badge. These are the same size as the v1 taco patch but made to be put on the outside of your vehicle, preferably Tacoma truck.

3M foam adhesive backed, will last on the outside of your vehicle for years between the frozen tundra to the super hot desert. Safe for car washes, etc.
Note there are installation instructions included.

45 made, 39 made available (limits removed after 2nd drop)

 100% made in the USA

(NOTE: if demand is high enough another run could be made but not guaranteed)
International orders shipped via Global Stamp with no tracking
1st Dropped April 20th, 2021 (21 of 25); 2nd drop 6/1/21 (18 of 20 from 2nd run)

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