Tacocat Coma

Tacocat Coma

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 The third in the series, the Tacocat Coma or Palindrome Taco, is a personal favorite because it just turned out adorable! Kind of obvious meaning here. This was the first taco patch that I posted on my now shuttered bigcartel store. I tried to post them on TacomaWorld exclusively at first to sell 90 of them but someone leaked the link on Facebook so then the floodgates opened up. 

The joke with the palindrome for "taco cat" isn't new but this was what made me do this patch.

Original stats:

100% embroidered
4.5"W x 3"T
Hot cut custom edge
Hook backing with loop cover, clear thread attaching backing to patch
8 thread colors
150 made, 140 sold

All patches came with custom card that were hand numbered

Patch originally dropped October 16th, 2017. Sold out on October 25th.

Limited to 2 per customer originally

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