Taco Coma v1

Taco Coma v1

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My first Taco Coma design, made out of necessity and yearning to have just a decent "taco" patch... Made it into the "comatose" version as a play on "Taco" and "Coma" because of my amazing 2006 Tacoma TRD Off Road (doublecab short bed) which I got in late 2016. Been an amazing truck but making these patches has also been a pretty crazy adventure as well.

Originally posted exclusively for sale on TacomaWorld in the morale patch thread there and through a "group buy" thread I made with people signing up to be able to purchase once they were done being made. The people of TW really helped out either by encouraging me to make this and subsequently more versions or as makers sharing their vast experience. NONE of what I've done with patches would ever had happened if it wasn't for TW and for that I am eternally grateful. Who knew that buying an incredible off roading vehicle would morph into a side-gig that has lead to friendships and becoming a part of a somewhat connected but equally different community? 

Original stats:

100% embroidered
4"W x 3"T
Hot cut custom edge
Hook backing with loop cover, clear thread attaching backing to patch
9 thread colors
100 made, 95ish sold

Also, the art cards on these were 100% hand drawn by yours truly with a sharpie on the back of 3x5 index cards. I've drawn SO MANY taco comas since then... haha!

(made through Trail Toys connection as that was the first person to reach out to me to offer to "help" get my patches made...)

Original price was $10 shipped kamikaze...!

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