Taco Coma Pin-atch

Taco Coma Pin-atch

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Taco Coma v23, "Pin-atch"

You ever have one of those ideas that you thought was kind of crazy but woudln't go away? Well, I wondered if it would be possible to have enamel "pins" made but instead of a post on the back to use to attach to stuff like backpacks and jean jackets, it would have velcro glued to it so it could basically be a rigid morale "patch".

Well, the factory didn't laugh at me and tell me to kick rocks so here it is... The first "taco pin-atch" in existence! Basically a hybrid pin/patch combo. Design is from version 1 Taco Coma.

1.5" x 1.18"

Hook back with loop cover... Not an actual pin!

All pin-atches come with hand numbered art cards.

200 made, 190 available at drop.

  • NOTE! Limit restrictions lifted! If you bought some before, you can get as many as you want now...

(international shipping policy is global stamp untracked for all orders except US protectorates like Puerto Rico, etc.)

Dropped December 4th, 2018

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