T.G.I.T.T. Lasercut Patch
T.G.I.T.T. Lasercut Patch

T.G.I.T.T. Lasercut Patch

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"Thank God its... TACO TUESDAY!"

Well, we all think it every Tuesday, right? Regardless if you think every day is Taco Tuesday (hint: it actually is), here's your chance to get an EXTREMELY limited laser cut patch to put on your headliner, patch mat, guinea pig or neck beard. 

2"x3.5" (business card sized, so perfect for outside of hook covered wallets)
GITD feature, black cordura
35 made, 30 available


(Note: This is being split into two drops. If you're reading this and there's stock available that means either it's the first or the second drop between TW and FB... First drop will have 15 in stock and second will have another 15 and then that's it. Trust me, it's easier this way...)

*As usual, all INT orders go stamped kamikaze no tracking yaddayaddayadda

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