Plain Taco

Plain Taco

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Non-numbered version in the Taco Coma Series, "Plain Taco"


When I first got *really* into collecting patches it was 100% due to having my Tacoma. I had a few to start but having the truck really kicked things into high gear with this obsession. The idea occurred to me to that it would be funny/ironic to have a taco patch in the truck which my kids named "Taco" (original, I know!). I started my internet search and although there were a few taco patches in existence, in my opinion none of them seemed to be done very well and I wasn't going to compromise. At that time I decided to use my design skillz to make something and while at first it was just a regular taco, the concept of combining the "taco" and "coma" seemed too perfect to not pass up and well... I think everyone knows the rest.

So recently I decided to make this plain, non-limited taco patch with velcro on the back. It's for people that just like tacos who were like me and wished there was just *something* out there, or for people following the series who now know the story behind what started it all.

3.25"W x 2.0"T
100% embroidered, heat cut custom edge and velcro backing with cover.

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(First made available August 21, 2018)

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