Broken Taco

Broken Taco

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Taco Coma v27, "Broken Taco"

I made this one specifically to reference my skateboarding injury earlier this year which busted my arm and required orthopedic surgery to fix. 
Basically a 6" long titanium plate and eight screws later (4 on each end), I'm still recovering from it and will have a permanent 8" long scar along my inner forearm.

My goal is to hopefully use the profits from this drop to help pay for medical bills which 2 months after surgery have finally started coming in.
I have insurance but my co-pay/out-of-pocket maximum isn't trivial so I'm going to try to take care of some of this debt quickly instead of hold onto it for months/years.

This is the first taco design since my Christmas taco (Rudolf the Red Nosed Taco -still in stock, BTW!) with the same "standard" format for the layout as with the rest of the series. 
Obviously when I designed this I was feeling pretty banged up after surgery and so how I was feeling at the time is pretty well represented here, LOL!

The good news is the actual recovery has been going great and PT has helped me gain back nearly all of my mobility and strength since going under the knife. 
Still have a ways to go and it will be a while yet til I even attempt to skateboard or do any "high risk" activities again but my daily functionality is more or less a-OK.


3.25"W x 4"T

100% embroidered, hot cut custom edge and hook backing with loop cover.
All patches come with hand numbered art cards.

100 made, 90 available at drop. LIMIT 2/CUSTOMER

Dropped April 16th, 2019



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