Taco Supreme
Taco Supreme
Taco Supreme

Taco Supreme

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Taco Coma v6 "Taco Supreme" edition!

Wanted to do something fun and thought adding in the "oval" logo as a topping would be cool. Made with metallic silver thread as well. 
This one ended up being the biggest in the series to the date of it's release due to a factory change which didn't scale my art. I didn't know my previous supplier was doing that so all of the old designs were really not much wider than 4.5". Learned something with this one, but they came out great!

Original stats:

100% embroidered
5.1"W x 3.8"T
Hot cut custom edge
Hook backing with loop cover, clear thread attaching backing to patch

100 made, 90 up for grabs
$12 each (limit 2 per customer)

Silver metallic thread on oval logos! Hand numbered cards! Thread and velcro, OH MY

Patch originally dropped Feb 6th, 2018, sold out Feb 20th

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