Fish Tacos

Fish Tacos

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"Taco Coma v5" or also known as the Fish Tacos.
Concept was to do a variation on the "types" of tacos and thought it would be funny to not just make it regular fish taco, but a garbage fish taco. With lime. 
Variation of the pink fish taco came from so MANY people asking me to make a pink version of my Taco series. I'll admit it: I was resistant to do it because it's pretty vulgar and I have two daughters. But I figured if it was a limited variant of a design... And so we have it. If you're ISO the v5-1, good luck!

Original stats:

100% embroidered
4.4"W x 3.4"T
Hot cut custom edge
Hook backing with loop cover, clear thread attaching backing to patch

v5 was $12 with limit 2 per customer (90 of 100 available)
v5-1 was $17 with limit 1 per customer (44 of 50 available)

All patches came with custom card that were hand numbered

Patch originally dropped December 12th, 2017. v5-1 sold out in 13 minutes due to low drop quantity.

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